Hi! I’m your host Ronnie Beltran. I am a software developer from the Philippines. I do mostly backend stuff with Python. I also occasionally try shiny new web and mobile frameworks for fun and profit.


Inbox Cleaner


Inbox Cleaner is a tool that allows you to automatically move and delete emails, easily unsubscribe from mailing lists within Gmail.

TaskOnGo: Android client for Highrise CRM


TaskOnGo is an android app built for Highrise CRM. Initially it offers task management on your android devices so you can view, create, update and complete tasks on the go! It was built with React-Native.

Bounce Email


Port of Ruby version bounce_email to Python. This library is for determining the bounce type of an email message. It determines whether the bounce is hard or soft, if is an “out of office mail”, etc.

Disclaimer: Opinions written in here are my own and does not reflect the views of my employer.

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